jubbub replied to your post: “honestly someone should have just kicked my ass real good and then…”:

Same but I think someone telling me off would have done just as well. Me wanting to be beaten feels like it’s coming more from a place of a need to self harm than wanting to genuinely change my being. I dunno if that sounds confusing though.

that makes sense, I suppose I didnt think about it like that but yeah that was probably the most self-harmy thing ive posted

jubbub replied to your post: “jubbub replied to your post: I was a horrible person in highschool…”:

Yeah mine was full of “”“”“”“ironic”“”“”“”” racist jokes and nerd misogyny. I wish I was pummeled for being such a shitstain, but it kind of says something that I wasn’t.

oh yeah absolutely, I occasionally remember really horrible jokes and things i said then and wish someone would piledrive me into oblivion